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November 2013 archive

Student Food Bank at West needs your help!

This is the time of year that people reach deep, and give to complete strangers. It is also one of the times that is the harshest reminder that someone might need some help. The Student Food Bank is open to all, simply by asking. Names are not recorded, although the staffers do their best to …

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Free Transit for Students

RTA and Tri-C Agree on U-Pass, Can Ride Anytime By Bronson Peshlakai Metro Editor-in-Chief You can call it an early Christmas gift from Tri-C to its student after the college announced it would pick up the bill for eligible students to ride RTA buses and trains beginning spring term. Tri-C will join the ranks of …

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Tri-C Men’s Team Ready to Take on Niagara Team Without Head Coach

By Bronson Peshlakai Metro Editor-in-Chief The Tri-C Men’s Basketball team is ready to play Niagara County Community College, who has won all seven of its non-conference games. The Challengers are struggling to get more wins since they started playing the beginning of the month. Tri-C stands at 1-5 right now. Head Coach Randy White will …

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Touchy Subject Discussed at Summit to Unite Neighborhoods

Blunt Talks on Race Relations Sparks Conversation   By Ikechi Dixon Metro Staff Writer A forum was held at the Tri-C Metro Campus Nov. 14 to discuss ways to improve race relations in Cleveland – the theme, connecting Cleveland’s east and west side neighborhoods by implementing Street Clubs which would serve as neighborhood watches. Many …

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Men’s Team Bring Home Opener to Metro, Coach’s First

By Bronson Peshlakai Metro Editor-in-Chief It was an ecstatic win for the Tri-C Men’s Basketball Team on Nov. 6, when they brought home Coach Randy White’s first home opener win, 87-75, against the Community College of Allegheny County. “It’s kind of special because this is the first year that I’ve been here that I won …

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Online Courses Celebrated at Tri-C campuses

By Dezmond K. DeLeon Metro Staff Reporter Online learning is making headway as the new classroom, so much that even Ivy League schools are dabbling into the technology. Distance learning provides the opportunity for students to receive an education without the time and space constraints of a traditional classroom. But the online learning environment can …

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