Celine Dion Releases New English Album After Six Years

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By Alexis Wohler, West Staff Reporter

An international superstar, Celine Dion has been singing with her family since she was a little girl. She got her first record deal when she was 12 years old. Her parents sent a recording of her singing to a man named Renee Angelie. When he heard Celine’s voice he started crying because it was so beautiful. He even mortgaged his house to pay for her debut album.
Celine Dion is finally releasing a new English Album after not releasing one in more than six years. It will be released in the United States on Nov. 5. Dion fans be wary though, this album contains cover of older songs, not brand spanking new songs. Half of her album will be new songs, while the other half will be covers of older songs.
Celine’s personal favorite song off her new English album is the single, “Loved Me Back to Life.” She also did a cover of the song “Water and a Flame”. In the studio, during an interview Celine said that she worked very hard to make this album for her fans. Any Celine Dion fan knows she works hard to bring us some of the best music out there on the charts today. She apologized for not releasing an album in English for over six years, but explained that she had her World Tour of her 2008 English album, “Taking Chances”. She also had given birth to twins in the middle of 2010.
Celine Dion’s album is highly anticipated from her fans, which have waited six years for another English album to be released by her. Celine Dion never wants to disappoint her fans with any of her songs. It has been said by the critics that she has the voice of an angel and never ceases to amaze- both on stage and on CDs. If you are interested in from the heart music, as well as rock, soft rock, classic ballads, and pop music, check out Celine Dion!

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