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In an Instant

By Chris Cullen There seems not to be an inspirational story absent of struggle. The Irish have a saying that one should not ask for an easy life, but for strength of character. Greatness or the realization of a dream will always, always, come at a price. Often greatness is at the expense of exhaustive time and energy. Athletes …

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Elevators Are Failing This Semester

By Brittany Cleveland Elevator failures are not uncommon at the Metropolitan campus of Cuyahoga Community College. With close to 50 reported failures in one year, administration is committed to addressing the problem. According to a Tri-C Metro police report, a student and a staffer have experienced elevator failure. There are rumors of two other failures, that have been …

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Conversation Group

By Adolphe Musanga “Have you ever experienced an adventure in a place where you are a total stranger?” I know a category of people named international students who have. As one of them, I know how tough it is to land in a place where everything seems dissimilar from your home, specifically the social life, people’s behaviors and most importantly …

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Student Leaders Advocate for Pell Grant, DACA/Dream Act

By Brendan Madden A delegation of student leaders from Cuyahoga Community College just returned from Washington D.C. where they spent four days discussing critical issues that impacts community college students, and then visited members of Congress from Ohio to advocate on behalf of their fellow students for increased federal investment in higher education. West and Westhore students: Kirby Copper, …

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Twenty-Five Laptops Stolen from Tri-C Metro Campus

By Mick Thomas Twenty-five Hewlett-Packard laptop computers worth more than $17,000 were stolen from a secured cabinet in room 208 of the Tri-C Metro’s Liberal Arts (MLA) Building of sometime after Dec. 3 2017, according to a campus police report filed in February. Room 208 of the MLA building is not a classroom and not accessible to students–it is for media equipment: a discreet storage room that remains locked at all times. The laptops are HP ProBooks model 400 G1 used by both students and faculty valued at $17,950.00. Technician Charles Schick was sent to MLA 208 on Jan. …

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Tri-C to CMA

By Ben Jakubowski She started at a community college; none other than Tri-C. She now gives back to the community by working for CMA. Kelley Notaro Schreiber- who is now the Manager of Communications and Media Relations at the Cleveland Museum of Art (CMA) was a student at Cuyahoga Community College. Schreiber says that at Tri-C, she started …

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