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9994-fab1612578By Jeremy Hopkins, West Editor

“Where futures begin.”  That’s not just the tagline Cuyahoga Community College uses for advertising, that’s a belief that Nalea Sarioglo is subconsciously adopting.  Ms. Sarioglo is not only a student at Tri-C West majoring in Business Administration, she is also the president of Salvation for Kids, an charity raising money to help orphans and deaf children in Prednestrovia, Moldova, Romania, Ukrain, and Gagauzia.  The organization has a formal dinner and auction on October 19, from 6:00 to 11:00 PM.  This event will include dance performances, games, and band performances as well as the auction.

Salvation for Kids ( has three projects they are raising money for.  The first is to purchase property that will be become residences for orphans; the goal is to teach home and personal finance skills to orphans who fall through the cracks in government support.  The second project is a summer camp for deaf children that will help them transition to life within a hearing society, addressing many of their concerns and fears of exclusion from conversation.  The third project is a pair of camps – one summer and one winter – for the orphans and children who do not have two parents.

While it is no longer taboo for US children to only have one parent or be raised by a grandparent, it is not always the case in other countries.  Ms. Sarioglo decided early on that she wanted to help, stemming from a visit to an orphanage to pass out presents around the holidays when she was nine.  She saw the conditions they were living in, and was “shocked how it could be a different side of life.”  She told herself “when [she] grew up, she would do everything she could to help them.”  It was not just that they were orphaned; the way they were dressed, were cared for, even their hygiene told her they were in a bad shape.

She came to the United States and found more ways to help.  Two years ago, Salvation for Kids was founded, and they have already taken several trips and shipped goods over.  In particular, the price for food is cheaper here than in Prednestrovia, and volunteers ship it – at their own expense – overseas with clothes, blankets, supplies, and more.  This past summer, they took nearly $4000 to help 500 children from July 23 to August 28.  All of this money comes from their own efforts; IRS regulations prohibit them from accepting funds from other established organizations like the Red Cross or United Way.

This dinner is Salvation’s first such fundraiser; another one is planned in January.  Registrations are not required, but are recommended.  The event will be held at the Cleveland Ballroom Company in Beachwood, 23500 Mercantile Road, Suite #G.  Tickets are $25 for ages 16 to 25, $45 for ages 26 to 50, and $40 for ages 50 and up, and are tax deductible.  Formal dress is required.  If you have questions or donations, contact Ms. Sarioglo at 440/ 521/ 3197 or Vice President Snezhana Shvets at 440/ 623/ 3210.

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