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A Free Meal is Closer Than You Think

A wider selection of goods than ever before is now accessible to students on Cuyahoga Community College’s East Campus. This is the result of an expansion of the partnership between the Greater Cleveland Food Bank and Tri-C. Toiletries like paper towels, deodorant, and even laundry detergent are now accessible–free of charge–for any student in need at East. A Food …

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Getting the College Community Moving with “Exercise is Medicine”

By: Jordan Johnson, West Staff Writer   On April 11, 2017, the Galleria of Tri-C’s Western Campus was full of people learning how to improve their lifestyle by making healthier choices at the semi-annual “Exercise is Medicine” event. Held every April at the Western Campus and every November at the Eastern Campus, this free event …

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It is OK to ASK for HELP

By: Tammy Merritt, West Staff Writer   Life can be challenging, confusing and tiresome with all its joys, pain, lessons and triumph. When one falls down, one must get back up. Throughout life there is sowing and there is reaping what you sow. Now what falls in the center of it all is being human, …

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Your Mission Vs. My Vision

Poem written by: Tammie Robinson You say you love me how is this true You take every opportunity to turn my sunny days blue You are happy when I am down and out Since you found out I enrolled in school all you do is scream and shout You walk around screaming you’re the man …

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True Life: The Journey of an Immigrant

By John Kay, West Editor-in-Chief America is the land of opportunity, enriched freedom, and enlarged social and economic liberties. For these reasons, America has become the nation of immigrants. Many immigrants swarm to the U.S. for a variety of reasons contingent around the chance to live better lives; that is such the case with Tri-C …

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The Land of the Diverse and Segregated

By: John Kay, West Editor-in-Chief Diversity, as a word, is often misinterpreted and has become a cliché that provides a false sense of integration. A look at the most diverse cities will change one’s opinion on the status of desegregation in America. Diversity is not the equivalent to integration—and in many cases the more diversified …

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