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October 2017 archive

Tri-C Students Learn to Be Leaders at Student Leadership Retreat

Student leaders from Cuyahoga Community College gathered for a highly participatory leadership retreat on September 22 at the Hospitality Management Center. These students engaged in different activities to recognize their ability to lead. Participants also evaluated their perceptions and biases about leadership in small group activities. The facilitators generated discussions and activities regarding the difficulties of decision-making, then participants completed the …

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Sally Kurowski Retires After 31 Years at Tri-C

“My grandfather always stressed the importance of education,” said Sally Kurowski, Director of Developmental Education and Learning Services at Cuyahoga Community College. “I am fortunate to be the first in my family to earn a college degree.” Kurowski’s love of learning only grew from there. “When I thought about what I wanted to be when I grew up, the …

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Surviving Hurricane Irma

To say Hurricane Irma was devastating is an understatement. Florida residents were urged to evacuate in all parts of the state. Some people were unable to leave, living a nightmare while they were forced to stay and “wait it out.” “The first thing that was depleted was gas and water,” said Laura Marie, a resident of Pompano Beach near Fort …

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Who Will Stop This Hate

A poem by Rose Reichard, Metro Campus Staff Writer What’s with people these days? Picking on the innocent Always putting them down Who will stand up to those people? Who will fight back and help the weak? Who will stop this hate? Is this our true human nature? Will we always stand to the side …

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Student Government of Westshore Campus

Be the change you want to see on campus. Student Government is available for students to express the need for changes they want to see on and around their campus. It’s the voice of the student body. The Student Government of Westshore Campus meets at the alcove in the front of Corporate College West (CCW), across from the …

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Men’s Soccer: Challengers Are Victorious Against Lakeland CC

The score was 2-1. John Carroll University beat Cuyahoga Community College’s men’s soccer team, the Challengers, on September 5. Throughout the match, the referees made many questionable calls. During the second half of the game, Number 15 from John Carroll university was left injured, lying on the field, for over a minute. Some of the players, most of them …

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